License activation for old versions

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sun Oct 4 18:56:41 EDT 2015

Hi Paul,

If you can download Revolution/LiveCode 4.6.4, you should be able to 
either enter a serial number or download a license file from the store. 
If you download a license file and select manual activation in the 
registration window, you should not need to access the server when 

Mark Schonewille

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Op 10/5/2015 om 00:37 schreef Paul Dupuis:
> In working this weekend on a customer issue, I needed to check a
> behavior of an older version of LiveCode (version 4.6.4). Yes, I know
> how old that is, but we have a standalone built on it that - for reason
> far to complex to go into - we can't immediately update to a newer engine.
> When I try to activate the license, I get the message "An error occurred
> while attempting to contact the server. Please try again later."
> I have been trying again ... later ... and still later. I will continue
> to try again later. But I also thought I should ask and see if anyone
> knows if LiveCode did something to kill really old license activation. I
> know I can still download 464 from the store (which is awesome!)
> Paul Dupuis
> Researchware

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