DP6 more strict?

James Hale james at thehales.id.au
Sun Oct 4 09:31:19 EDT 2015

In running some stacks against DP6 I came across a script error on opening one.
The stack in question was simply a copy of a stack I have run without error since lc5.5.
The error was well and truly an error.
I had a repeat loop which I inadvertently entered as...
   Repeat for X = 1 to aNumber
  End repeat 

I guess it is a hang up from other languages I used in the past and I normally catch myself and enter the correct form...

Repeat with X = 1 to aNumber
  End repeat 

However this time I didn't.
I hadn't since I first wrote this script way back then.

The point of this post is that not only did I miss this but Livecode missed it through every version until LC 8.

Try it out, put the first, incorrect form into a LC7 script and see if it compiles.
Now try the same in LC 8 dp6 or dp5

I can't speak for the other DP's as I have only thought to test this stack against the current release.

As has been posted some plugins are interfering with the correct function of the IDE and I wonder if this "stricter" (well more correct) behavior of the script engine in picking up errors is the cause. Perhaps there are quite a few scripts with errors that have slipped through in the past but will now stand out like the proverbial?

As an aside, I suggest you remove any plugins from your initial play with the latest DP, at least until you are happy with the behavior of the IDE just in case this new diligence on the part of the engine catches you out.


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