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Fri Oct 2 14:10:26 EDT 2015

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > Seriously, we were told the world would run out of IP addresses 10
 > years ago. It hasn't.

True.  At the moment there are still some places (most in Africa) with 
available IPv4 addresses, while North America and others have completely 
depleted available supply:

     APNIC, which allocates addresses in Asia-Pacific, more or
     less ran out of available IPv4 addresses in 2011; RIPE,
     which oversees Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central
     Asia, was running on fumes by 2012; and LACNIC, which
     manages Latin America and the Caribbean, hit rock bottom
     in 2014. All that's left is AFRINIC, which oversees Africa,
     and is expected to run out of IPv4 addresses in 2019.

Other regions with fewer devices per capita have been able to stave off 
the inevitable a little while longer through the same sorts of efforts 
that allowed N. America to stretch its pool as long as it has.

But a finite supply is a finite supply.

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