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Thu Oct 1 06:49:03 EDT 2015


Works perfectly in a 100% reliable mode for years :

- Mobile App : HTTP POST to Apache or OpenLiteSpeed Http Deamon
- httpd to Linux LC server in cgi mode
- LC server to MySQL/INNODB or PostgreSQL RDBMS*

*needed to free-up LC-Server from complex requests best suited by ACID-SQL servers.

Note1 : in case of Web dedicated development : not to forget to include Revigniter in the loop.

Note2 : to code with optimal confort LC-Server stack’s librairies :

- first save them at the web hosting right path;
- reopen them from the FTP-client in choosing LC-Desktop IDE as the default editor;
- each command-S action will directly saves changes to the remote path.
- don’t forget to use an LC to bind together the httpd to the LC-Server stack lib.

Have fun,
Pierre Sahores
mobile : 06 03 95 77 70

> Le 1 oct. 2015 à 08:24, Ethan L <ethanlish at> a écrit :
> Greetings 
> Has anyone done any work on inter process communications between two livecode instances. 
> Specifically, I would like to be able to have a client instance (eg iPhone LC app) make native LC commands calls to a remote instance (eg UNIX LC server) while masking / embedding all of the plumbing (eg pipe establishment, authentication, session encryption, etc). 
> This idealized two tier architecture would seperate the solution (application) developer logic from the administrative logic. Hopefully isolating the configuration details outside of the application into a configuration manifest / file which could then be runtime manipulated / selected based upon conditions at that time. 
> Yes, one could accomplish this through a combination of LC, JSON, SQL, etc. I am hoping to achieve an end to end LC solution. 
> One could then easily leverage server based resources in a n-tier distributed compute architecture while maintaining the benefits a high level language to deliver a flexible elegant solution 
> Thanks in advanceEthan
> ethan at
> 240.876.1389
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