Inter process communication

Ethan L ethanlish at
Thu Oct 1 02:24:24 EDT 2015

Has anyone done any work on inter process communications between two livecode instances. 
Specifically, I would like to be able to have a client instance (eg iPhone LC app) make native LC commands calls to a remote instance (eg UNIX LC server) while masking / embedding all of the plumbing (eg pipe establishment, authentication, session encryption, etc). 
This idealized two tier architecture would seperate the solution (application) developer logic from the administrative logic. Hopefully isolating the configuration details outside of the application into a configuration manifest / file which could then be runtime manipulated / selected based upon conditions at that time. 
Yes, one could accomplish this through a combination of LC, JSON, SQL, etc. I am hoping to achieve an end to end LC solution. 
One could then easily leverage server based resources in a n-tier distributed compute architecture while maintaining the benefits a high level language to deliver a flexible elegant solution 
Thanks in advanceEthan

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