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That is all well and good, but in this case bug 15336, I just happened to be asking why something that had worked before now wasn't working... I was being carefull you see after getting all confused a couple of weeks aga as to why scrollers weren't working, which turned out to be my stupidity and not anything to do with changes that might have been made to liveCode...

Indeed, it was Mark Waddingham who picked up on my plight and it was Mark who filed the bug 15336... but it is a 'show stopper' and I do not think that it is unreasonable to ask if and when it will be fixed..

John Dixon

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> A while back I posted the priorities used for bug fixes. They are not 
> random; by necessity they are triaged.
> > I think one of the best things RunRev could do at the moment is
> > release a list of unsolved bugs alongside a schedule for sorting them
> > out
> The amount of effort that would take would substantially reduce the time 
> available for the actual bug fixes, especially since it would have to be 
> updated daily. There is also the fact that you never know how long it 
> will take to fix a bug until you've fixed it. However, the team has done 
> a very good job lately of testing and responding to every report 
> promptly as it is opened. If you want a list of unresolved bugs so you 
> can view their progress, it is trivial to get one by simply searching 
> the database.
> But don't judge the team by the number of unresolved reports you see. 
> Before the new review system was implemented, responses were more 
> haphazard. After the implementation, LC asked everyone with old bugs in 
> the database to review them and close them if they were no longer 
> relevant. Many of us did that but many did not. A lot of those ancient 
> reports are now moot because subsequent engines have made them 
> non-issues, but they sit there in limbo because the original author has 
> not dealt with them. Again, the amount of effort required to go through 
> all those, re-test, and remove them is substantial. Anyone with 
> unresolved old bugs should test against the new engine and either close 
> or update the report. The team would like to remove all nonrelevant 
> material.
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