HTML5 deployment is still in the far future.

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Tue May 12 08:28:29 CEST 2015

Thank you for the comments.

The way i set the questions might have been confusing.

First, trying to search a good HTML5 & style sheet editor was not the point. The point was to find out tools to simplify the creation process by having some functions available, not to have an ultimate end product (created with LC).  Tools, which one could have access to, to be able to massage parameters, as we all want to have the end result as close as possible to what we want.

Example 1.  If there is a function to help to put in place page header and body, use one single change to change the font or style.

Example 2. To automatically pick out key phrases from the different pages and see how Google predicts search clicks and impressions.

Example 3. To embed code to do object manipulation.

Btw, how do you embed .lc code in web page?


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