Creating dynamic WEB pages with LC V8 & HTML5

Pyyhtiä Christer christer at
Mon May 11 07:52:01 CEST 2015

After the recent statement by Google on the requirement for mobile friendly web pages there is a new need.

An alternative is to buy an application to create your web pages, pay a monthly fee for the right to use a page format, and normally end to use the company's address as a part of your site, e.g. or like. Yet you are limited to the formats they offer, won't quite get what you want.

The next alternative is to het to know HTML5, CSS3, Java and PHP, plus WebGL for any 3D manipulation, and create your own pages within your domain (as I am using domain within on-rev).

So what can LC V8 with it's HTML5 capability give here?  

The fact is you need to have your web page(s), as this is the way the world searches your app.  This means you need to create both .html and .css files in your server, and be able to access the key page parameters of these to manage your web. Creating functions in LiveCode to do this shouldn't be that difficult.  The trick I do not know, however, is how to kick a .lc code running behind the web page, automatically or based on the user's click. The capability would extend the value of the web pages.

Anyone tried anything like this with LC V8?

Christer Pyyhtiä
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