Kickstarter 2013 Revisited

Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Sun May 10 21:05:42 CEST 2015


Thank you for your answer but my point as an example take the DataGrid which is currently script based.

If this object was deemed not to be part of a “limited” set of objects provided by LC and it was to be left to the Community/Developer to provide then due to the complexity a Developer would probably want to charge for providing it.

As a result someone who had contributed to the making LC OpenSource has a further price to pay but only if the object could be incorporated in the Community Edition.

A paid up licence to LC would also have to pay extra to use this object.

My concern is that as LC move to this Widget arrangement the objects provided may become more limited.

A list of default widgets to be provided with LC would be good?

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> On 10 May 2015, at 19:52, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> LiveCode has been open source for more than two years now, and Kevin has stated many times that his intention is to maintain the feature parity we've seen thus far between Commercial and Community, with the exception of those features which may be incompatible with the GPL such as password-protecting scripts.

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