Drawing a Graphice Segment

hh hh at livecode.org
Wed Jul 29 08:06:21 EDT 2015

> On 29 Jul 2015, at 13:22, Terence Heaford <t.heaford at icloud.com> wrote:

>> On 29 Jul 2015, at 10:32, hh <hh at livecode.org> wrote:
>> There is one "uncertainty by default", the border, that is drawn with half of the lineSize outside the object. LC is also sloppy with the rect of objects with large lineSizes.
> Yes, this seems to be the sticking point with all methods, the function returns true if the point is within the rect.

Sorry, you are wrong. My function returns false if it is not within the rect, as a first test. Then it does the additional checks.

The handling of a point in the border can for example be tested if, for the check, the showBorder is temporarily set to false.

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