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Try Javascript... And go for Wakanda... Sorry for my sarcasm...

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 Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:

>It's of course very useful that we have a community able and willing to 
>share handler for things like number formatting.
>But stepping back to look at the big picture, I find myself wondering:
>Why is that even necessary?
>Why isn't that just a field property, e.g. "the displayFormat"?
>The core language is very easy to use, but in many very common cases 
>like this it's not so easy at all, as we have to hand-craft things that 
>less capable tools provide as simple property settings.
>Another good candidate complimenting displayFormat would be inputFilter, 
>allowing us to set a property to enforce data entry rules for specific 
>types (numeric, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.).
>For all the wonderful time-saving features LiveCode provides, we spend 
>way too much time re-inventing some very basic wheels.
>Sure, we could wait for v8's Widgets for something like this, but I 
>wouldn't mind seeing a behavior library for this sooner.  I'd help. 
>Anyone have the time to steward such a project?  Even better if someone 
>here has the chops to do this in the engine where it's arguably most 
>beneficial for all of us.  I'd chip in on a bounty for either of these.
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