Drawing a Graphice Segment

Terence Heaford t.heaford at icloud.com
Tue Jul 28 09:28:03 CEST 2015

> On 27 Jul 2015, at 22:27, Scott Rossi <scott at tactilemedia.com> wrote:
> Just to beat the horse a bit more,

And another based on mathematics.

When you create the pie chart segments you know the start angle and end angle, so save them with the segment.

In my case I use uStartAngle and uEndAngle.

Then apply using:

on mouseMove
   lock screen
   put the mouseH into tMouseX
   put the mouseV into tMouseY
   put chartLeft() + chartWidth()/2 into tCentreX
   put chartTop() + chartHeight()/2 into tCentreY
   put tMouseX - tCentreX into tDeltaX
   put tMouseY - tCentreY into tDeltaY
   put atan2InDegrees(tDeltaY,tDeltaX) into tAngle
   if tAngle < 0 then
      put round(abs(tAngle)) into tAngle
      put round(360 - tAngle) into tAngle
   end if
   repeat for each line tID in the childControlIDs of me
      if  the customKeys of control id tID contains "uStartAngle" then
         put the uStartAngle of control id tID into tStartAngle
         put the uEndAngle of control id tID into tEndAngle
         put tAngle && "," && tStartAngle && "," && tEndAngle & return after tResult - - just to monitor what’s happening
         if tAngle >= tStartAngle and tAngle <= tEndAngle then
            set the backgroundcolor of control id tID  to green
            set the backgroundcolor of control id tID  to the uColor of control id tID
         end if
      end if
   end repeat
   unlock screen
   put tResult
end mouseMove
function atan2InDegrees firstArg,secondArg
   return atan2(firstArg,secondArg) * 180 / pi
end atan2InDegrees

I just need to add a section to monitor whether tMouseX and tMouseY is in the diameter of the pie.

All the best


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