Drawing a Graphice Segment

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There were a couple of threads on this, detecting only the actual visible graphic instead of its bounding rect.

I remember suggesting using the mouseColor function with the mouseMove message, which probably works,, but there were more clever handlers offered, that took another tack using deeper attributes of LC. I cannot remember who or how. But someone will chime in...

Craig Newman

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When I draw a graphic segment with something like below how do I use mouseEnter
& mouseLeave.

I want to only receive a mouseEnter & mouseLeave when the mouse
leaves the coloured segment not the overall rect used in creating the

private Command drawASegment
   lock screen

lock messages
   set the style of the templateGraphic to oval
   create grc in
   put the id of the last grc of me into tID
   set the antialiased of grc
id tID to true
   set the rect of grc id tID to tLeft,tTop,tRight,tBottom
set the startangle of grc id tID to tStartAngle
   set the arcangle of grc id
tID to tArcAngle
   set the backcolor of grc id tID to tColor
   set the
showFill of grc id tID to true
   set the forecolor of grc id tID to tColor
set the lineSize of grc id tID to 1
   set the locked of grc id tID to true  

   unlock messages
   unlock screen
end drawASegment

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