LiveCode and SQLite performance

Michael Doub mikedoub at
Fri Jul 24 21:07:43 CEST 2015

First off, I want to thank all of you that have given me suggestions.  
It really is appreciated.   Here is the update.

I backed up all of my data to an external drive and did a complete 
re-installation of the OS, then resorted the data.   The first few tests 
of the database were fine, but after waiting a few hrs and trying again 
I saw the long open time again.  At this point I exported all of the 
data to csv file and to sql file.    I recreated the database file with 
a table where I definitely specified the ID as primary key.   I imported 
the csv data.  I tried importing the sql but I aborted the process after 
an hour, as the progress was really poor.  The csv import was done in 
under a minute.   Now open times are a consistent 7 seconds with the 
load of the entire database into a variable is 4 seconds.   I did all of 
this last night and I am seeing the same behavior this afternoon.

So my take on this is that I did have a systems issue that was slowing 
things down, but I also think that the database was not configured 
correctly initially.

Anyway, I am operational again.   And thanks again for your kind help.

-= Mike

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> Mark Waddingham wrote:
>   > I'd get your hdd checked out asap.
> This is a good opportunity for all of us to remember that portable
> large-capacity hard drives are dirt cheap compared to the cost of lost data.
> A USB 3.0 1TB drive can be picked up at the corner market for about US$60,
> and a 2TB drive for under US$85.
> I know everyone here already has multiple redundant daily backups anyway,
> but there was a time many years ago when I didn't, and I paid for it dearly.
> Now I have one copy of everything in the cloud, three in my office, and
> three at home which are rotated through the office so at least one of those
> offsite backups is never older than 24 hrs.
> With an rsync script backing up is super-fast and as easy as typing a single
> word in Terminal.  Yes, I also use Time Machine, but relying on any single
> backup isn't enough; drives fail, software fails, archives corrupt, merde
> happens.  rsync takes only a few minutes to learn and can move large amounts
> of data with ease anywhere, a perfect compliment to other backup systems for
> multiple redundancy.
> Far more than needed?  Exactly.  Disks are cheap, but time is the rarest
> commodity in the universe.
> Last year my MacBook Pro started acting wonky so before I ran any
> diagnostics the first thing I did was make a full backup.  Good thing:
> the mobo died half an hour later. I just copied the files I needed to
> another machine and was back to work in minutes.
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