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Fri Jul 24 19:03:59 CEST 2015

Mark Waddingham wrote:

 > I'd get your hdd checked out asap.

This is a good opportunity for all of us to remember that portable 
large-capacity hard drives are dirt cheap compared to the cost of lost 
data.  A USB 3.0 1TB drive can be picked up at the corner market for 
about US$60, and a 2TB drive for under US$85.

I know everyone here already has multiple redundant daily backups 
anyway, but there was a time many years ago when I didn't, and I paid 
for it dearly.

Now I have one copy of everything in the cloud, three in my office, and 
three at home which are rotated through the office so at least one of 
those offsite backups is never older than 24 hrs.

With an rsync script backing up is super-fast and as easy as typing a 
single word in Terminal.  Yes, I also use Time Machine, but relying on 
any single backup isn't enough; drives fail, software fails, archives 
corrupt, merde happens.  rsync takes only a few minutes to learn and can 
move large amounts of data with ease anywhere, a perfect compliment to 
other backup systems for multiple redundancy.

Far more than needed?  Exactly.  Disks are cheap, but time is the rarest 
commodity in the universe.

Last year my MacBook Pro started acting wonky so before I ran any 
diagnostics the first thing I did was make a full backup.  Good thing: 
the mobo died half an hour later. I just copied the files I needed to 
another machine and was back to work in minutes.

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