LiveCode and SQLite performace

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jul 24 11:19:47 EDT 2015

The guidelines I'd read were about 15% IIRC;  I believe there used to be 
a tech note on this, but I can no longer find it at  Most 
third-party sites discussing this cite 15%.

If OS X required us to never use half of our disk space that would be 
quite a public controversy, since that's far beyond what any other file 
system requires and would represent a tremendous waste of storage resources.

If you have poor performance on a Mac that has more than 15% free, 
chances are free space isn't the cause.

There may be other issues with the drive (+1 for Disk Warrior), or 
either the primary or a secondary drive has a power-scaling feature that 
lets the platter rest when not in use, or corrupted b-tree elements, or 
any number of other factors.

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John Balgenorth wrote:

> 10% might work for you but it definitely does not
> work for me.  I have a 1tb drive and 348 gb free
> space.  Most operations run slower than normal.
> I deleted about 150gb of music to bring it up to
> 350gb because it ran too slow to use.  Now it
> runs fast enough to use but I still have a lot of
> wasted time.  I had a 350gb drive and had the
> same problems way before 35gb free space.
> John Balgenorth
> On Jul 24, 2015, at 4:15 AM, Robert Brenstein <rjb at> wrote:
>> A rule of thumb for Mac is 10% of drive being free...
>> I find iStat Menus a useful tool for continuous monitoring of vital parameters (just a happy user).
>> RObert
>> On 23.07.2015 at 15:37 Uhr -0700 JB apparently wrote:
>>> If I remember correctly Bob Sneidar said that a
>>> you need at least 1/2 of your hard drive as free
>>> space to run efficiently.  So if you have a drive
>>> with 500 GB you need 250 GB or more free
>>> space on the drive.  Anything below that and
>>> it normal operations like opening files will be
>>> slower.  I have used more space than 1/2 and
>>> the more I use the slower it gets.  Sometimes
>>> you can speed things up a little by relaunching
>>> the Finder.  That can be done using the Force
>>> Quit option.  If it speeds things up it will only be
>>> a temporary fix.
>>> John Balgenorth

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