Anomalous Script behavior

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There is no limit to the size of a script; LC is not HC.

But that was easy. To your real question, I am positive, and this does indeed go back to HC, that certain handlers will work one day and not the next. That some will work if I step through them, but not run normally.

And that this comes and goes, but generally somehow works itself out, so that after a bit of angst, the gremlin goes away, and rarely leaves me with the issue. 

Not to say that on occasion I simply rewrite a handler, if it is not too long, and then it works. Hidden spurious chars? Hidden spurious chars that evaporate? I suspect others believe the same, and similar tales will, in aggregate, be like one of those TV shows about haunted houses. 

There are mysteries...

Craig Newman

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Using LC 7.1 dp1

Part of a script sometimes doesn’t function—sometimes it
works just fine. Sometimes it refuses to continue to execute the rest of a
handler. This refusal will happen over and over until some point in my testing
it starts working again beautifully.

It’s a group script with 35,655
characters. Is there a limit to the number of characters?

I put in
breakpoints that are sometimes reached, sometimes not.

It’s a handler that is
being called by callbacks in a player as the media plays, so it’s difficult to
debug while the media is playing. So I put some code in to put data into a field
when those lines of the script are reached. Then I can see the progression
through the script in real time. When it’s not working properly, while the
handler IS receiving the callback calls, that field stays empty.


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