Force window on second display

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Fri Jul 24 09:24:22 EDT 2015

put line 2 of the screenRects into myRect
put (item 1 of myRect + item 2 of myRect) / 2 into X
put (item 3 of myRect + item 4 of myRect) / 2 into Y
set the loc of stack myStack to X,Y

You might use working screenRects instead of screenRects.

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On 7/24/2015 15:19, Magicgate Software - Skip Kimpel wrote:
> A bright good morning and a happy Friday to all you LC'ers,
> Is there a way to force a standalone on a second connected display?  This
> is for a retail environment where I am sending data and info to a customer
> standing on the other side of a counter viewing a secondary monitor.  I
> want this to be automated so that if the computer is rebooted and the
> application is launched, the employee does not have to drag the LC
> application window to the other screen.
> Thank you, as always, for your input!
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