Best practise for a quiz control?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Jul 24 05:42:54 EDT 2015


What I want to do:

The user gets a kind of multiple choice question,  answers by clicking his
choice in a list or answering a dialog (two different cases). The answer
dialog has to be a modal window, not the standard answer dialog, because I
have to place the dialog window at a certain screen position. After
answering, the next question is being asked. This is a kind of loop with

My question:

Should I build this  question-answer cycle in a "repeat forever" loop or in
a "myHandler", which has a "send myHandler to me in 1" at the end. Or is
there a better design approach for this?

I am not sure, what my loop will be doing, while I opened modal the answer
window? Will the loop wait for the user answer in the modal window in both
above cases, or is the modal window completely independent from the loop and
the loop runs on? How can I hold my loop waiting for the user action in the
modal window?

Thanks for your recommendations




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