Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Fri Jul 24 03:22:30 EDT 2015

This is my first foray into using a browser in LiveCode and I have come across a couple of points I was hoping someone could help me with:

I am experimenting using a browser to display charts using highcharts from and have got the example charts working in a browser.

I am working with LC 6.7.6 on iMac with Yosemite.


I have this script to setup the browser

global gBrowserID

on mouseUp
   lock screen
   set the visible of grc "browserOutline" to false
   --put revBrowserOpenCef(the windowId of this stack, "") into gBrowserID
   put revBrowserOpen(the windowId of this stack, "") into gBrowserID
   revBrowserSet gBrowserID, "rect", the rect of graphic "browserOutline"
   revBrowserSet gBrowserID, "offline", true
   revBrowserSet gBrowserID, "scrollbars", false
   revBrowserSet gBrowserID, "showBorder", true
   unlock screen
end mouseUp

I have noticed that with revBrowserCef I cannot disable scrollbars and show border does not work for me but with revBrowserOpen they both work?

Perhaps I am doing something wrong or is revBrowserCef a work in progress?


At the moment it appears that I will have to create my own charts in LiveCode export them as index.htm then reload them into the browser.

Is there a way to create the chart in LiveCode then pass it straight to the browser.

I tried this without success using the content of one of the example files in highcharts:

put the uScript of me into tScript
revBrowserSet gBrowserID, "htmltext", tScript
revBrowserRefresh gBrowserID


Is there any better documentation on the use of the revBrowser commands or is it all to be trial and error?



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