Animated LCB Widgets

David Bovill david at
Thu Jul 23 10:46:22 EDT 2015

I'm thinking of making my first widget. I've a couple of questions
regarding current limitations:

   1. What is currently faster and what is slower than making the
   equivalent widget using grouped controls?
   2. Is the current technology fast and stable enough to create
   interactive game-like elements?

The widget I am thinking of making is fairly ambitious. The reason to make
it in LCB would be if there were performance benefits. Ideally I would like
it to perform well on mobile.

The widget would draw an animated menu when the user touches the screen.
I'd like the animation to be fluid and smooth, or it's not worth doing. 3-6
circular buttons would animate out from the centre and dragging and
releasing the finger / mouse would allow selecting the "menu" item.

When planning an ambitious project like this would it be good practice to
first test it in standard Livecode - then look to transfer this to LCB? Or
would it be better to just dive right in?

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