Char Set on Custom Properties

Mark Waddingham mark at
Thu Jul 23 14:38:16 CEST 2015

LC 7 knows the difference between binary and text - this is retained when saving custom props (if you save in 7+ format).

The only rub is that for existing stacks in the old format custom props will be taken to be binary data (which auto converts to text assuming the native encoding). Thus you will need to still do the charset translation there for the props that are text. If you then textdecode that and set the property to the result and save in lc7 format then it will then be treated as text in future (so no charset translation is required in future).

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> On 22 Jul 2015, at 22:06, Dan Friedman <dan at> wrote:
> Hello!   Way back in LiveCode 5 and 6, custom properties were not ported to the proper character set when you opened the stack on a different platform (Mac --> Win or Win --> Mac).  This was easily solved by a simple macToISO() or ISOtoMac().   However, it appears that LC 7.x is now doing this char mapping for custom properties on it's own.  Before I modify a mountain of code, can anyone confirm that LC 7+ automatically maps custom properties to the proper char set for the host platform?
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