New Indy License Correction

Jim MacConnell jmac at
Wed Jul 22 18:49:39 EDT 2015

Can confirm Heather's great and is the go to person for anything license related. She resolved exactly the same situation for me.

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It might be better if you just sent an email to Heather directly at support at (if my memory is correct). There's no guarantee that she'll see a post here, but she's really good about replying to emails and resolving problems like these.


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> On Jul 22, 2015, at 1:43 PM, Rick Harrison <harrison at> wrote:
> Hi Heather,
> I just took advantage of the 2 years of Indy for $499.
> My old license wasn’t supposed to expire until March of 2016 according 
> to my account when I logged into it.
> This new license told me it would expire two years from now July of 
> 2017.  I believe according to Kevin’s email to me that these 2 years 
> should be tacked onto the end of my other license.
> Could you please update my account accordingly, and send me a 
> confirmation of what my new expiration date will be?
> Thanks,
> Rick

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