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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Jul 22 17:13:29 EDT 2015

Hi Dan,

Not exactly. All text is now unicode. If you set a custom property to 
the text of a field, it is unicode already. When you set the text of a 
field to a property, it is again unicode. This avoids the need for 
mapping and other hacks.

I haven't tested this much. I can imagine that this is confusing, 
particularly if you work with stacks on both old and new formats. If you 
only use the new format, however, it is very convenient and you will 
quickly get used to it.

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On 7/22/2015 23:06, Dan Friedman wrote:
> Hello!   Way back in LiveCode 5 and 6, custom properties were not ported to the proper character set when you opened the stack on a different platform (Mac --> Win or Win --> Mac).  This was easily solved by a simple macToISO() or ISOtoMac().   However, it appears that LC 7.x is now doing this char mapping for custom properties on it's own.  Before I modify a mountain of code, can anyone confirm that LC 7+ automatically maps custom properties to the proper char set for the host platform?
> Thanks!
> Dan

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