reliability of QT for sound files on Windows? :(

Curt Ford curt at
Tue Jul 21 21:51:34 EDT 2015

I’ve had a series of modules done in recent years for a client that have many .mp3 files; sometimes one, sometimes up to 15 on a card. They’re stored in a folder named “media,” and I’ve set the fileName for the QT players by building the path to the correct mp3 file. This has worked fine on XP and Windows 7 for over 20 modules.

I needed to make a few changes because of text layout (a whole ‘other issue, don’t get me started!) - now I’m getting reports that QT bars are showing up blank on Windows 7 in 2 pages of one module; I can reproduce it on XP (I don’t have 7). The problem doesn’t occur in Windows 8.1. The two pages at issue show no problems in the other modules (which have the same structure & same code, just different content).

I’ve tried everything I can think of: reinstalling/updating QuickTime; rebuilding the module from an earlier version; deleting the players and dragging in new ones… the sound files themselves play fine in external players. A debugging panel I built in shows that the sound files are being found, and the fileName is being set as expected for each player. I’ve tried building in 6.7.6 and in 7.04, building on XP and on 8.1, but can’t get these sounds to play reliably.

One other idea was to delete two of the QT players from the offending page and drag out two new ones to see if they’d be more reliable. Result: the two new ones appear blank on 8.1 as well.

Anyone have any ideas before my head breaks through the wall? I’m stuck other than trying to remember which version I originally did these in - maybe 5.5.4?


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