list field not getting arrowkey msg

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jul 21 12:50:50 EDT 2015

Mike Bonner wrote:
 > What I mean is.. When I use tab to change focus between fields, the
 > arrow keys do nothing in the field I tabbed into.
 > When I click and select a line in the field, then the arrow keys
 > work.  In the former, the focusedobject correctly shows the field in
 > question, but has no selectedchunk.  In the latter, the focus is
 > correct, but the seletedchunk reflects the line clicked.

I've seen this myself.  I thought there was a bug report against that, 
but I couldn't find it this morning.  Anyone know if that's been 
submitted?  If not, would you like to submit that, Mike?

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