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Todd Fabacher wrote:

 > I find the bast way to set and show an image in a windowShape is use
 > backgroundPattern.
 > This way you do not need to worry about the image moving or not
 > filling the screen. You can set it in the IDE or in code
 > set the backgroundPattern of *object* to {your* imageID*}

If the object having its backgroundPattern set is the card or stack, 
proper alignment can depend on the specifics of the image.  For example, 
if the image has a mask inset from the image bounds, setting the 
backgroundPattern will cause the tiling to begin with the image's 
topLeft, which can result in a misaligned placement when it gets tiled 
within the object.

Using a separate object like a graphic would help, though for reasons I 
don't fully understand I've found no other method of displaying images 
that render as quickly button icons.

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