Odd behavior in Win8-I'm stuck fixing it, Help??

William Prothero prothero at earthednet.org
Sun Jul 19 13:09:05 EDT 2015

Thanks for looking at the app. 

1. launch app
2. Click on “Begin” button with option key down.
3. At Welcome screen, click on “Go To Map” button
4. At Map screen, select “Quakes” form the dropdown labeled “Select data to be plotted”
5. Click on “Save Map Image” (optional)
6. Click on the “+” magnifier button, move the mouse over the map, and then click. The magnifier symbol should move with the mouse.
7. Make an elevation plot by first clicking on the “Make A Profile” checkbox, then drag the mouse across a segment of the map image.

The snapshot is taken whenever the map screen changes. Symbol data are drawn into the snapshot image data. The map is a very large jpeg, which is reduced, then the snapshot is taken. When the map is magnified (by increments of a factor of 2), or moved, a new snapshot is taken. 

It appears that the pixellation occurs at the snapshot step. There is a region below the map (initially grey) that holds the data plots. This plot is created by creating the various graphic elements (fields, boxes, lines), then a snapshot taken, and then the plot elements deleted. The plot image is then the snapshot. This was also shown as pixellated (by the student with the problem), so I think it is most likely a snapshot problem. 

Thanks so much for looking at this, Mark!! I have not been able to duplicate this problem on my Parallels hosted Windows 8.1 system.

Best regards,

> On Jul 19, 2015, at 8:39 AM, Mark Schonewille <m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com> wrote:
> Bill,
> I had a look at your app. There is no "export snapshot" button or menu item. Please, provide instructions as brief as possible.
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