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Dave Kilroy dave at
Sun Jul 19 04:27:54 EDT 2015

Ah that's clever! Thank you, I'll try that next time I need logging :)

David Bovill-3 wrote
> An example of how I used them to solve a problem that's bugged me for
> years
> - logging / debugging things like servers. You can write a server in a
> tiny
> bit of code, but to see what is going on / wrong you want to log things at
> every step - or at least the important bits - and your code ends up with
> lot's of loggin bits everywhere - even if you use a library for the actual
> logging code.
> Now with before / after handlers - no logging code in the server - it's so
> clean and simple it is gorgeous. When I want logging I add the behavior
> which includes all the efore / after handlers that havve acess to all the
> data and just do the logging. When I don;t want them I remove the
> behavior.
> Nice.

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