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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jul 18 12:33:52 EDT 2015

Richmond wrote:

 >> On 17 July 2015 at 19:17, Roger Eller wrote:
 >>> I have also found that toggling the blendLevel from 100 to 0 is
 >>> very quick and efficient, compared to hide/show.
 > On 18/07/15 09:48, David Bovill wrote:
 >> Now that make no sense :)
 > It does seem odd that that would be better than SET THE VIS or HIDE /
 > SHOW.

I haven't benchmarked so I can't say, and I've found hide/show so fast 
it would never have occurred to me to experiment with an alternative.

But I'd guess that any measurable difference may be attributable to 
blend level not requiring a change to the hit-testing queue.

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