[OT] Leaving Bulgaria?

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jul 17 15:14:18 EDT 2015

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

Richmond, After 10 years, you either return home, or you never
return home. After 45 years, I must admit that I am solidly 
entrenched in France - children and grandchildren make it hard
to go back - and why indeed would you go back, ……. unless ...,
I remember what it was like many years ago, when I asked myself
the question “Do I stay or do I go”. ….. And I stayed …...
You have decided to return to “chez toi”, which I know without a
doubt, to be the most beautiful country I have ever been to ….
(OK  ! - Brazil - comes a close second !)

So go back to  where your roots are, and remember the places you
lived in for many years, with so many good memories, drink a whisky,
and be glad finally that you found your way home.

As the French would say, “Bon Vent” in your future enterprise.

Best wishes


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