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David Bovill david at viral.academy
Fri Jul 17 03:57:24 EDT 2015

Famous.org - that's a new one to me - it looks really great thanks for the
link Mark.

The thing for me is this. We're an island and we should be a hub.

In particular Livecode needs to take real advantage of advances in browser
technology. There are so many cool Javascript projects coming out - but we
can't benefit from them - properly. That's the killer.

Most of the pieces are there - just not quite. The browser object is nearly
right. The HTML5 export is nearly right. It's just this all-in-one-thing.

There seems to be this overriding idea that Livecode is a self-contained
ecosystem, and everything has to be made within Livecode. That Livecode is
only valuable to users as a drop-dead easy, do-everything environment. I
suspect the market research of the existing customer base reinforces this

That logic means - don't deliver pieces, deliver entire environments. It
means treating other languages as threats and competition, rather than
partners in a collaborative ecosystem of tools.

How about reversing this logic?

What would we get if we started with the existing Livecode tool chain.
Asked ourselves what works what's really valuable and unique, but then
focussed on building something simple focussing on step-by-step integration
with the best tools and frameworks out there?

Rough thoughts:

   - Start with a minimal IDE - more like a stack-runner
   - Make it beautiful. Forget clunky half-right interfaces.
   - Tell stories with video and sound.
   - Strengthen the multimedia support by integrating with the best
   opensource tool chains for audio and video production. Involve artists.
   - Build out towards the best projects, using integration with API's and
   command line, sockets, embedded browser
   - Plan for full integration with widgets and LCB
   - Reconfigure sharing, community and IDE to look out towards external
   - Use the network - think NPM not DMG
   - Concentrate on the value of prototypes, and flexible tool chain
   integration hubs - not stand-alone-building.

I think we need a fork.

On 17 July 2015 at 04:11, Mark Wieder <mwieder at ahsoftware.net> wrote:

> On 07/16/2015 07:13 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>  Next time it's your turn to translate the entire engine.
> Heh.
> But here's the thing...
> If I were trying to wow folks with a preview of what's coming, I wouldn't
> try to do it with a rehash of something we used to do 20 years ago in not
> many lines of javascript onClick() handlers.
> The bouncy balls thing is a bit better, although I almost gave up on
> waiting for the download to happen.
> But not much better, considering the things I can do with a few lines of
> javascript with a library such as famous.
> I love the 3d physics engine here.
> http://famous.org/
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