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David Bovill david at
Thu Jul 16 08:20:44 EDT 2015

Thanks Kevin and Peter - its very useful to have a soft indication of the
direction you are heading.

So my understanding now is that Livecode Builder - being the robust
strongly typed language that compilers like - lends to being something that
could be run through the compiler chain you are creating to export
Javascript. For instance a Livecode Builder library - would be the sort of
thing that could be compiled into a Javascript library that would then be
called by standard HTML5/Javascript on a web page. This would be the same
as emsripten ports of other languages like perl -

However as your priority is to create a full export of stacks to the web -
creating a Livecode Builder library export tool chain is something that
we'd need to do as a community project or wait :)

The one thing I would like to understand is how you would expose interfaces
to the resulting exported JS code - are there any links to how you would do
this / any thoughts regarding how Livecode.js exports would do this? Here I
can see how you can expose C functions:


So my question would be how is this extended so that a handler in Livecode
Builder is exposed?

On 16 July 2015 at 12:02, Kevin Miller <kevin at> wrote:

> This is definitely an area we¹re looking at - its on the strategy list.
> Just can¹t say yet whether it will be during the initial beta cycle or in
> a v ³1.1² as it were. It will certainly be early in the evolution of this
> technology.
> In terms of LCB, remember we designed that from the start to capable
> (eventually) of compiling directly to JavaScript. That opens up the
> possibility of doing some lighter weight HTML5 specific frameworks down
> the line. Right now though as Peter said, the priority for the first
> version is to get as much as possible of the platform we already have
> working.
> Kind regards,
> Kevin
> Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
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> On 16/07/2015 11:53, "Peter TB Brett" <peter.brett at> wrote:
> >On 2015-07-16 11:05, David Bovill wrote:
> >> Thanks Peter. What i am keen to get a grip on is how we can interface
> >> Livecode exported Javascritp with existing Javascript in a web page.
> >> Are we
> >> going to be stuck with an isolated blob of all Livecode-Javascript in a
> >> page? Or can I make Livecode-Javascript widget that talk to existing
> >> pages?
> >>
> >> My thought would be if the core Livecode C++ engine has now been
> >> refactored
> >> so that the language element - separate from all the GUI and even
> >> message
> >> stuff - and that this bit was easy and fast to get exported - then that
> >> would be what we need to create interface independent Javascript
> >> libraries
> >> - let's say a library that takes some JSON and exports some JSON with
> >> the
> >> webpage handling all the rest of the interactions?
> >>
> >> How well will these exported Livecode-Javascript apps play within a web
> >> page - what sort of bi-directional communication is being looked at?
> >
> >Hi David,
> >
> >We're not actively working towards any of these things at the moment.
> >*In principle*, they're all ideas that we'd love to get working!  In
> >practice, at the moment we're just trying to get stacks to run properly,
> >and we're going to think about branching out to these other exciting
> >possibilities once we get towards that point.
> >
> >I'm personally quite keen on the idea of figuring out how to compile
> >LiveCode Builder programs directly to JavaScript, for example!
> >
> >This is definitely the sort of thing that enthusiastic community members
> >could play with, once we release the Community edition of HTML5 support.
> >
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