Livecode Javascript Compiler

David Bovill david at
Thu Jul 16 04:16:21 CEST 2015

I've a question regarding the roll-out, and eventual functionality of
Livecode HTML5. In the recent roadmap blogpost there was an indication that
compiling the Livecode language to Javascript was achieved relatively
quickly, but that the harder part was the rendering of the interface to the
Canvas object and appropriate bindings together with the message hierarchy.

So why not release a limited Livecode script to Javascript compiler -
something that we can use to create libraries for HTML5 front-ends that are
created without any reference to interface elements. Surely this alone
would be fantastically useful. It would enable faceless libraries that
already exist to be ported to Javascript.

It would seem to me that such a move would achieve the following:

   1. A useful addition to the Livecode community (even when the full HTML5
   export is available)
   2. Early testing of the Javascript compilation engine.
   3. Improved integration with mainstream languages and frameworks

Why wait for the whole and not release and test useful parts early?

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