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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 15 13:40:27 EDT 2015

Thomas von Fintel wrote:

 > If I put a ".cgi" after the server's name both in the .htaccess file
 > and in the file name itself, the setup still works. But if I remove
 > the .htaccess file in the cgi-bin folder I get an error no matter if
 > there is a ".cgi" or not. I think it is actually this second
 > .htaccess that makes the difference.

When I tested this morning on my Dreamhost server before posting here, I 
was able to omit the .htaccess in cgi-in by renaming the LC Server exe 
to include .cgi, and update the main .htaccess to match.

But the main thing is you have a setup that work for you, so it doesn't 
matter much either way.

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