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Wed Jul 15 13:34:15 EDT 2015

Hi Mark & Mike

Thanks for your replies.
To be more specific about my request, I don't suspect any problem
with the app, since it's been working fine in this very office (as well
as in others) for more than 2 years. Problems started sporadically
only 10 days ago and in only one office.
Apart from windows settings, I think other parameters such as the
quality of the adsl connexion, possible glitches in the wi-fi, etc.
need to be checked as well.
Things would be easier if I were on location, but as said before,
these ppl are 500km away...
The socketTimeoutInterval is set to 20000 (20 sec) which IMO is
more than enough...
I have also checked the successive requests sent to the server at
startup when loading the data; the app sends the right requests,
and the server responds accordingly; the only thing is that at times
the app gets empty as a response to the requests (even if the right
data were sent)...
My original question was actually something like "what in windows
could interfere between an app and a remote server" and what is
worth checking ?

> Hi JBV,
> Do you give the standalone sufficient time to complete the start-up? For
> slightly bigger projects, I do this:
> on preOpenStack
>    hide this stack
>    send "initiateProject" to me in 2 seconds
> end preOpenStack
> on initateProject
>    // do everything else here,
>    // e.g. loading data from a server
> end inititateProject
> The message may often be sent in 0 seconds, but sometimes it is useful
> to wait a short time before continuing the start-up sequence.
> Once the start-up sequence has finished, you may want to check that
> libUrl is available.
> function libUrlAvailable
>    put the backscripts into myScripts
>    repeat for each line myButton in myScripts
>      if the short name of myButton contains "revLibUrl" then
>        return true
>      end if
>      end repeat
>    return false
> end libUrlAvailable
> If libUrlAvailable is false, you know where the culprit is. If
> libUrlAvailable is true, you can still check the result after each put
> URL request.
> put url myUrl into myData
> put the result into rslt
> put it into myData
> if rslt is not empty then
>    been
>    answer error rslt
> end if
> All the above should at least give some clues about whether the problem
> is in the standalone or with the internet connection.
> It is also a very good idea to handle errors:
> on errorDialog theErr
>    answer error theErr
> end errorDialog
> You could parse theErr if you like, e.g. with errorLib, but usually the
> numbers already give a clue as to where to look for the problem.
> --
> Best regards,
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> On 7/15/2015 16:38, jbv at souslelogo.com wrote:
>> Hello list
>> One of my clients has a recurring problem with a standalone I built for
>> them.
>> At startup a serie of lists of various data are loaded from a remote
>> server and
>> a progress bar shows the loading. And then these data are used in
>> various
>> ways
>> in the app.
>> For a couple of weeks, at startup the progressbar speeds up much faster
>> than
>> usual and most of the lists of data aren't loaded. Actually a couple of
>> them only
>> are randomly loaded. This happens on 2 PCs (Win 7 and XP) connected to
>> the
>> same adsl line. Other people use the same app on similar versions of
>> windows
>> in different offices and with different internet connexions and never
>> met
>> the problem.
>> I did myself several tests on Win 7 and XP and everything runs fine.
>> The client is located 500 km away, so every ettempt to fix is done by
>> phone.
>> We have disabled the antivirus software, checked for a firewall,
>> restarted
>> the PCs
>> several times, but to no avail...
>> So finally here's the question : what else should we check ?
>> Thanks in advance for any wise suggestion.
>> jbv
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