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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 15 10:21:14 EDT 2015

Thomas von Fintel wrote:

 > stephen barncard wrote:
 >> this one inside the cgi-bin directory
 >> -------------------------------------------------------------------
 >> Options ExecCGI
 >> SetHandler cgi-script
 >> ----------------------
 > Thanks a lot!
 > What I missed was the part of having different htaccess files in root
 > and cgi directory.

I believe the .htaccess inside the cgi-bin folder is only needed on some 
server configurations like Dreamhost's when the executable file does not 
end in ".cgi".  Those two lines allow other executables not otherwise 
accounted for in the server's Apache config file to be executed.

Testing your original hunch here about renaming LC Server to have ".cgi" 
at the end allows me to use the same setup I've used for a while but 
without the .htaccess file in cgi-bin.

This suggests that adding that file won't fix your "file not found" 
error.  If it does I'm mystified, but if not we'll still need to look at 
the paths in your main .htaccess file and make sure they point to the 
right place, and double-check permissions.

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