Programatically complete an answer dialog ?

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Yep, everything is a stack. The answer dialog is:


Make a new card. Put a button and a field on it. In the button script:

on mouseUp
   answer "Hmmm"
end mouseUp

on mouseEnter
   put the stacks into fld 1
end mouseEnter

Open the message watcher, and for heaven's sake, suppress IDE messages. Click the button, and move the mouse around a bit, including into and out of the dialog and back to the card and its controls 

Now I don't know why "mouseEnter" and "mouseLeave" are sent in this condition, that is, with the dialog open, and almost nothing else is. Well, I do know. It is because that is the way the thing is built.

But maybe there is a clue here?

Craig Newman

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Subject: Programatically complete an answer dialog ?

I have a stack which requests the user to enter some text into an answer dialog.
I am trying to test that stack from another stack. Is there a way to
programatically enter text into an answer dialog?

Another way of asking this
question is: Is an answer dialog simply a stack? If so, does anybody know the
name of the stack and the name of the text field? (I can guess the name of the
button would be the label displayed on


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