Anyone here have an Android security app such as Find my iPad?

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On July 11, 2015 5:54:31 AM CDT, Mark Rauterkus <mark.rauterkus at> wrote:
>Has anyone done an app in LiveCode that helps to prevent the loss or
>theft of an Android device?

Prevention is tricky, though there are bluetooth solutions that tell you if you accidentally leave your phone on a table at a restaurant. 

Google has the same type of "find my phone" service as Apple with the same options to locate it on a map, remote lock, or wipe. Some manufacturers offer their own (Samsung for one) and there are many older third party offerings in the Play Store. So on Android it's a fairly saturated field. 

Most of the third party apps fell by the wayside once Google set up their own. You need a Google account to run an Android device, and so everyone is automatically covered now. 
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