Has the "founders" on-rev package been reduced to 25 GB?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Jul 11 15:05:12 CEST 2015

JB wrote:

> I ddi not start this conversation about the
> size limits being changed.

True, but while the others have expressed their confidence that any 
apparent change isn't intentional, your post not only suggested it may 
have been, but then also went further to suggest that such unilateral 
changes to contractual obligations may be something they're doing with 
other agreements as well.

Moreover, Mark Wieder offered the sound reminder that many factors can 
affect apparent disk usage, such as spam bins which have been 
overflowing with the recent rise in global spam activity, so it may not 
even be a mistake on their part but just a spam bin that needs to be 

Exactly why Simon's disk usage appears lower than he expected is still 
unknown, but the one thing we do know is that the people at LiveCode 
Ltd. have consistently honored their license agreements.   They've 
frequently posted here confirming this when questions arise, and I've 
seen nothing to the contrary in my 18 years of doing business with them.

Please stop and think about it for a minute:  for any party to attempt 
to unilaterally alter contractual terms in ways that favor themselves to 
the detriment of the other party would be a breach of contract in most 
jurisdictions, and unethical in all of them.

That's a very serious allegation, even if raised behind the 
accountability dodge of "if".

It boils down to raising unfair questions of character, and if you're 
going to question the character of any of my friends, whether it's Kevin 
or Klaus or Scott Rossi or Mark Wieder or anyone else, you will meet 
with an equally strong response.

If you're unhappy with the response to what you've written, next time 
consider writing something different.

> I said IF because I do not know for sure and I
> gave them a small benefit of the doubt.

We seem to be in agreement that you don't know what happened with 
Simon's account, which leaves this reader wondering why you expanded the 
scope of the discussion to include license agreements no one was talking 

If you want to give them the benefit of the doubt maybe that was a post 
that didn't need to be sent at all, and just wait until Monday when 
they'll likely chime in here.

I'll wager that when they do they'll once again confirm their commitment 
to honoring their license and service agreements, as they've 
consistently done over the years.

TL/DR: It would be not only more pleasant but also more productive if we 
could kindly refrain from random conjecture and instead solve problems 
by focusing on known facts, and asking appropriate sources of 
information for any facts needed.

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