Has the "founders" on-rev package been reduced to 25 GB?

JB sundown at pacifier.com
Sat Jul 11 07:09:35 CEST 2015

No Richard,  it means if I eat kittens I like
to eat pissy.

I ddi not start this conversation about the
size limits being changed.  I stated that I
am a on-rev founder and that I am not at
this time using any of the space allocated
to me.  I did not check the space so I said
IF they changed the space and made it lower
then I personally have no reason to believe
the Indie license with its forever price will be
forever.  Yes I received that from LIveCode
and any lifetime agreements that are not to
be honored for your lifetime make me think
a Forever agreement will not last either.

I said IF because I do not know for sure and I
gave them a small benefit of the doubt.  But it
sounded to me like the space was lowered and
if I remember correctly they talked about doing
that in the past so it made me think they actually
did lower it but I do not know so it remains IF.

I see you failed to provide evidence to prove it
one way off another and yet attacked me for
saying IF they lowered the space.

John Balgenorth

On Jul 10, 2015, at 8:21 PM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:

> JB wrote:
> > I am not using any space but I have no reason to
> > trust the Indie License forever price if forever has
> > a limited meaning to the LiveCode Team.
> Using "if" like that is really cool, as it allows us to say things without being accountable to them.  Let me try:  "If JB eats kittens, surely we have no reason to trust him with any pets." Yep, good fun.
> Did you actually get a notice from the LiveCode team in which they've attempted to unilaterally alter some contractual agreement with you, or are you just making stuff up?
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