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On Jul 9, 2015, at 11:01 AM, Peter Haworth <pete at> wrote:

> I am currently filling out a form several times a day to report aircraft
> noise incidents.  The form requires me to complete a number of fields that
> end up with the same value every time with others that are specific to each
> instance of the form.
> Would it be possible for me to write a Livecode app that would prefill
> certain fields with default values from preferences so all I have to do is
> fill the other fields manually?

Probably not, if you’re talking about sending the fill-in values to the web browser page from another app. (I’m no expert in that; others may have ideas.)

But what you may be able to do is recreate the web form in a LiveCode stack and use the stack to submit the form contents to the web service. It would involve examining the code for the web page and finding the <form> tag. I describe the process here for GET method forms:

And here for PUT method forms:

If the forms are basic html, and it sounds like they might be given the lack of sophistication (i.e., no pre-fill or remembering past inputs), it may be relatively simple.


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