Multitouch displays and Livecode?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 8 11:45:20 EDT 2015

Matthias Rebbe wrote:

 > today i was asked by a Director developer if LiveCode supports
 > Multitouch screens/displays on Windows 8.
 > He needs to track 1-finger and 2-finger touches. 1-finger touches
 > i would assume are normal mouse clicks, but what about 2-finger
 > touches. Is this possible with LC?

Ubuntu also has a touch layer I'd love to be able to take advantage of, 
but at this time the desktop LiveCode engine doesn't support multitouch 

I submitted a request for this some time ago:

Given the ever-larger variety of systems that use multitouch I hope this 
will be able to be reevaluated in the priority queue.  They have the 
syntax and core support, and now we need to map those to the relevant 
desktop APIs as has already been done for tablets and phones.

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