atom editor and livecode server files syntax package available

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Wed Jul 8 10:07:56 EDT 2015

On 2015-07-03 17:42, Warren Samples wrote:
> For those of you who don't participate in the forums for whatever
> reason, but are interested in livecode server, forum user
> ghettocottage has converted the TextMate revigniter-livecode syntax
> module for the cross-platform Atom Text Editor and made it available
> to all. You can install it directly from Atom under
> Preferences>>Install (search packages "revigniter-livecode").
> More information regarding Atom can be found here:

Hi Warren,

Thanks for the heads-up about this!  I've contacted ghettocottage to see 
if it's feasible to combine both packages into one, so that you can 
install language-livecode and get support for both server scripts and 


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LiveCode Engine Development Team

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