Release 6.7.6 / 7.0.6

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon Jul 6 14:31:57 EDT 2015

On 06/07/15 20:11, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Richmond wrote:
> > On 05/07/15 20:18, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> >>
> >> I believe both the RQCC being down and the bug itself may be related
> >> to the recent DDoS attack.  I'm unable to reproduce this issue this
> >> morning under Ubuntu 14.10.  I would try again while the servers
> >> appear to be working well.
> >
> > This is a load of nonsense: see my new notes over at the bug report.
> >
> > Richmond.
> I was volunteering time away from business and personal things on a 
> holiday weekend to try to help you, and that's how you respond?

I'm sorry: all sorts of things were happening at once.

AS I had tried starting 6.7.6 up while my machine was disconnected from 
the internet it obviously had nothing at all to do with DDoS attacks.

Now, at work today I installed 6.7.6 on 3 machines which are never 
connected to the internet [they had their Xubuntu 14.04 systems installed
from one of those DVDs one can use so one doesn't need internet access.

A very similar situation.

> Maybe your keyboard got stuck when you were trying to type "Thanks for 
> trying, but that doesn't resolve the issue."

No, my keyboard did not get stuck; I was in a filthy mood for all sorts 
of reasons, 6.7.6 being just one of them, and as I was installing it
from an installer I had downloaded rather than using LiveCode's in-built 
upgrader the stuff about DDoS was 'nonsense', like it or not.

> My suggestion was based on the following:
> - The LiveCode servers had been under periodic DDoS attacks over the
>   previous few days.
> - The LiveCode IDE makes some calls to their servers to verify accounts
>   for opt-in features like the Dictionary comments and RevOnline.

Not if it is installed on a machine that has NO internet access.

I, successfully, installed 7.0.6 on several of my never-had-internet 
machines at school today.

> - I was unable to reproduce the problem you'd reported on Xubuntu while
>   I was running Ubuntu and Lubuntu, which are similar enough to Xubuntu
>   be relevant here.
> - You noted LiveCode was able to run but stopped at a point well after
>   engine initialization, suggesting something script-related rather than
>   compatibility of the engine with your OS config.
> - The DDoS attacks had stopped at the time I was unable to reproduce
>   the issue.
> - My reply here was before you'd posted your follow-up to that report.
> Given all this, although apparently I didn't guess correctly it wasn't 
> a bad first stab at a diagnosis.
> I did read the comment there you'd posted later, and by now I trust 
> you've also read Hanson's:
>    that is odd. We test all the installers for installation and
>    execution before they get shipped. I also just tested the
>    installation again, just in case we had missed something, but
>    it installs just fine for "You only" on a non-root account.
>    As Richard suggests, have you been able to install other versions
>    of LiveCode on the machine you are trying to install 6.7.6?
> The report is currently marked "Pending Awaiting Follow-Up", and with 
> any luck as you provide the information the team needs to reproduce 
> this they'll be able to find a solution for you.
> In the meantime, when someone goes out of their way to try to help you 
> and you don't understand their methods, what you have is a question, 
> not a reason to dismiss their help as "nonsense".

I would not have dismissed something as nonsense had I been able to see 
some sense in it.

As very many people have used far stronger language at me in the past, 
I, personally would never be offended by 'nonsense';

water off a duck's back!

I DO appreciate ALL that you do for LiveCode, unremunerated. And I, from 
time-to-time do a bit as well: some of which
has been rubbished in far stronger terms that 'nonsense' - and I am 
sufficiently thick-skinned that that does not fuss me.

So, while I am sorry that I miffed you, I do stand by my assessment of 
DDoS as the possible cause of this problem.

Best [really!], Richmond.

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