Release 6.7.6 / 7.0.6

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Sun Jul 5 17:38:27 EDT 2015

On 2015-07-05 18:43, Mark Wieder wrote:
> On 07/05/2015 10:10 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Are your pull requests specific to v6.x, or also applicable to v7 as 
>> well?
> They're generic, as in the addition of floor() and ceil().
> And submitted as pull requests against the develop branch, as 
> requested.

Hi Mark,

At the moment we're trying not to add new engine features to the 
LiveCode 6.7.6 or LiveCode 7.0.x releases, unless they're particularly 
critical.  This is in order to try and ensure that LiveCode 6.7 and 7.0 
remain stable, and to try to ensure that any problems or 
incompatibilities introduced by new features are contained within the 
experimental 8.0 branch (i.e. the "develop" branch on Github).


Dr Peter Brett <peter.brett at>
LiveCode Engine Development Team

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