where does "startup" message go when in IDE

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The dictionary says the message goes to the first stack in a new session. But I think the reason you are not trapping it if you place a handler in the stack script, and open that stack in a new session, is that other stacks open before the one you, say, double click on in the finder.

Or I am wrong about that.


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I've found the startup message, to be sent to the first stack opened.

seems useful, but I haven't been able to trap it in the IDE.

In particular, I
found an incantation to hide the stack or some such for
use at the command

Is it going to an IDE card?  Could I simulate it with a

if the
environment is "development" then

dispatch "startup" to me

end if

the first item of preOpenStack of the main stack (hmm, I suppose
beforePreOpenStack . . .)

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