Release 6.7.6 / 7.0.6

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Sat Jul 4 15:23:06 EDT 2015

On 07/04/2015 11:46 AM, Richmond wrote:

> Now for a fairly naive question, but possibly not half as daft as it seems:
> What is the point of the 6.7 series when the 7.0 series is
> up-and-running smoothly?

Just my experience, but I find the 7.0 releases slow and buggy on linux. 
The binaries are huge and by extension create huge standalone apps. 
While it's nice to have 64-bit binaries because they run much faster 
than their 32-bit equivalents, I just roll my own 64-bit versions of the 
6.x builds and I'm happy.

> Are there features in the 6.7 series that have not yet been incorporated
> into the 7.0 series? (seems unlikely and slightly odd).

No, quite the opposite. I *am* annoyed that some of the additions I've 
contributed to the engine have not made it into the 6.7 branch.

> I have been recently extremely impressed in the way Unicode is handled
> in the 7.0 series having been teaching children how to
> build "typewriters" for no-Latin writing systems:

If you need the unicode enhancements, then there's no choice... 7.x is 
the way to go.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at

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