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Hi Pete

Aren't you using datagrids in the SQLMagic interface? I have DataGrid
Helper and it greatly helped building DataGrids.

Thank you

Vaughn Clement

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On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 12:04 PM, Peter Haworth <pete at> wrote:

> Can't believe I haven't used a datagrid form before but trying one for the
> first time this morning, following the instructions in the dg manual.
> Set the dg type to "form"
> Edited the row template to include a couple of fields and a check box
> Added a button that sets up an array keyed by the field/checkbox names with
> some data in each key and sets the dgData of the dg
> Edited the FillInData of the row behavior get the data and put it into the
> fields/set the hilite of the checkbox
> Clicked the button to populate the dg
> Nothing.
> Set a breakpoint at the start of the FillInData handler and tried again.
> At the start of the handler, my fields and checkbox show up in the datagrid
> with no data in them.  As each line is executed to put the data into them,
> nothing shows in the datagrid.  Each line looks something like:
> put pDataArray["Company"] into field "Company" of me
> pDataArray has the correct values in each key
> Continued stepping through and next comes the LayoutControl handler. I
> haven't changed that yet.  Step through each line, nothing changes in the
> datagrid.  After stepping over the end LayoutControl, my fields/checkbox
> all disappear and no more code is executed.
> LC 6.6.5, OSX 10.10
> Pete
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