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Peter Haworth pete at
Sat Jul 4 03:10:18 CEST 2015

Hi Sri,
Yes  I tried a refresh (from the Inspector palette for the datagrid),
didn't make any difference.

Here's my FillIInData code.

on FillInData pDataArray

   put pDataArray["Company Name"] into field "Company Name" of me
   put pDataArray["Address"] into field "Address" of me
   set the hilite of button "Customer" of me to pDataArray["Customer"]

end FillInData

As mentioned, pDataArray has the expected values in it's keys.

Here's my LayoutControl code.  I didn't reposition any of the controls but
left that one line in there since I wasn't sure if it was needed or not.

on LayoutControl pControlRect

   set the rect of graphic "Background" of me to pControlRect
end LayoutControl

Here's the code in my button to populate the datagrid.

on mouseUp

   local tData

   put "lcSQL Software" into tData[1]["Company Name"]
   put "PO Box 123" & return & "Soquel" & return & "CA 95073" & return &
"USA" into tData[1]["Address"]
   put true into tData[1]["Customer"]

   put "Mollys Revenge" into tData[2]["Company Name"]
   put "123 Some Street" & return & "Somewehere" & return & "OH 12345" &
return & "USA" into tData[2]["Address"]
   put false into tData[2]["Customer"]

   set the dgData of group "dgForm" to tData

end mouseUp

I can't attach screen shots (?) but as mentioned before, at the start of
the FIllInData handler, I see all the controls turn up in the datagrid so
I'm taking that to mean my customization of the row template is correct.
But I never see the data turn up as I step though each line in FillInData
and the controls all disappear when the "end LayoutControl" command is

I should also say that even the dgData I send to the datagrid has two sets
of data in it and I see FillInData called for both sets, I only ever see
one set of controls before the datagrid is celared.

On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 5:32 PM Sri <sritcp at> wrote:

> Hi Pete:
> I'd like to see the code (stripped down version).
> Also, did you try to manually refresh the datagrid and see (after stepping
> over some code)?
> Regards,
> Sri
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